More Pantry Progress

All the beadboard is up in the pantry!  We just need to paint the other three walls.  Painting the pieces before installation didn’t work out so well.  Maybe I can get some painting done this weekend if my husband doesn’t before that!

Thanksgiving slowed things down!  I fixed a turkey with herb butter and apple cider.  I used an old recipe from Bon Appetit that includes directions on how to make a gravy base.  This is the only gravy I’ve ever made that turns out perfect!  All the herbs and apple cider really give the gravy a great flavor.  I made cranberry sauce with hibiscus tea, but I didn’t really notice any difference in the taste with the hibiscus!  I made a dressing with portobella, shiitake and cremini mushrooms, but I think all the mushrooms made the dish mushy.  I should just stick to oyster dressing.  We really like that, but oysters are SO expensive!  I had sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, and green beans, too.  My mom brought a pecan pie from Cracker Barrel.  I think that was the best pecan pie I ever ate!  The crust was perfect.  I looked at the ingredients – they used lard!  I’m sure that’s why the crust was so good.  My dad made a lot of pies and he always used lard in the crust, and they were so good (except the custard!) if I liked the filling!  I don’t really like pumpkin pie.  Does that sound unamerican??!!  I do like apple pie!  (Our nephew only likes apple pie made with a can of apple pie filling!!  He doesn’t like fresh apples in his pie!)  I finally made a pumpkin pie AFTER Thanksgiving!!

Well, enough about Thanksgiving!  Here are some pictures of the pantry!

Here is the wall with the door. The frame will go on the bare drywall!


This is the long wall.
This is the long wall.
This is the short wall! We have a shelf we’re going to put here for the microwave.


ORC Continued – Pantry Progress

My husband has been priming the beadboard.  He put one wall up and got that painted before I got a hold of the paint brush!  Maybe I can paint the next wall!  The inspector is in one of the pictures!

Introducing Inspector Beagle Z!
We picked Benjamin Moore’s Distant Gray paint for the pantry walls out of the zillions of white paint choices! We’re going to use the same paint for our backsplash in the kitchen. I think this paint color looks good with our Formica 180fx calacatta gold countertops.

001 001



Pantry ORC – Fall 2016 – Week 6

Well!  What can I say??  I missed last week.  I kept thinking I’d get a little more done, but I don’t think I did!  Then I had to go to the ER last Sunday night, and on the way I ran into a deer!  My car was still drivable so we got to the ER without any delay.  My son has been sick for almost all of the last two weeks, but seems to be getting better now.  He needed a breathing treatment and they did a chest x-ray and checked to see if he had the flu.  So he didn’t have pneumonia or the flu – just bronchitis.  Now he has a nebulizer.

EXCUSES!  EXCUSES!  I think this pantry project was just a little too ambitious for me (and my husband!) to do in real time.  I’ll know better next time!  Thanks again to Linda for all her hard work at calling it home.

Here’s the link to all the other bloggers’ ORC reveals:

So this is still a work in progress!  Here are some pictures:

We were ready to paint, but then my husband found out we needed to wait 72 hours! I didn’t read the fine print – always a mistake! The 72 hours weren’t going to be up in time because he had to go and get more beadboard twice since we didn’t have enough. You can tell we really thought this through!
This is where the toilet was. I didn’t clean the floor because we’re going to be tearing out this vinyl and putting in tile.
My husband put the beadboard up on the walls to make sure everything fit and then took everything down so we could get started painting. I guess we’ll be doing that this week. I hope no one else gets sick and I hope I don’t have any more encounters with deer! I hope you’ll check back next weekend to see how much progress we’ve made. Thanks.