ORC – Week 3 – A Reorganized Kitchen

As you can see, I skipped week two!  We went to West Virginia to see my mom over the long weekend.  My son had Friday and Monday off.  I thought I would do a blog post when I was down there, but we were SO BUSY!  So this is week two and week three.  Not that we made that much progress – more like a week or less!  My husband did surprise me by cleaning out the refrigerator!  You might have noticed I did not have a before picture of THAT!!  So here are the pictures. . . (We lost the camera charger again!) so that was one of the reasons I’m late again posting this week!

There’s Zana sniffing around in the kitchen! The island is all angles and rather small. I really don’t have much counter space.
Here’s a full view of my expensive stove – dual fuel! I only had room for a stove with four burners and one oven. We wanted the downdraft because we thought a hood would look strange hanging down over top of the island and might block some much needed light from the windows and the back door. Our kitchen is rather dark because all the windows and doors open to covered porches.
A real before picture with stuff soaking in the sink and a messy countertop! I really do want to clear off my counters so I can use the little counter space I have to cook and bake!

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ORC – Week 1 – A (Re!)organized Kitchen

I have decided to (re)organize my kitchen.  I really want to make better use of my space so I can clear off my countertops.  I want to re-decorate my hearth and brick wall.  I also want to take the lace curtains off the doors of the original (1889) built-in cabinet and get my husband to help me with the inside.  There is contact paper stuck on the shelves and there are gaps in the back of the cabinet.

Here are some before pictures of the inside of my cabinets.  These are supposed to be bad, right?!!  That way the after pictures look even better!!

Whoops!!  The brick wall and hearth, and the built-in cabinet are first in the line-up!

I like roosters and strawberries and RED!
My husband is the one who loves coffee. I don’t even like the stuff! His mother-in-law got him the sign.
More roosters and more strawberries!
the original cabinet
top shelf of pots and pans cabinet
bottom shelf of pots and pans (or lids!) cabinet
The microwave cabinet has a shelf below for the microwave that is no longer there! The old microwave broke and the new microwave was too big.
the glass cabinet
The spices and teas cabinet looks blurry. I probably did, too! I was a little tired.

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