Pantry ORC – Fall 2016 – Week 3

We talked about what kind of primer to use on the beadboard, but we didn’t buy any yet.  I haven’t done much of anything except take some pictures, and some of them didn’t even turn out.

I’m going to keep this light in the pantry (and add a lightbulb!) because I really like it. I saw a light just like this in someone else’s kitchen!
I’m going to use this cubby hole for storage. I wonder why this wood doesn’t match the trim in the rest of the room!  That’s really odd.
We will be putting a new floor in the pantry. My husband put a new floor in the kitchen with much larger matching tile. We’re just both wondering when he’s going to add the grout! (I’ve said enough about that already, though!)

Here are some jars I got for the pantry. I still need to decide what to put in them!
More jars. These are from Italy, but the freezer jam isn’t! The Amish made the strawberry jam.

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4 thoughts on “Pantry ORC – Fall 2016 – Week 3”

    1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog and commenting, too! I just came up with another idea for the pantry. I will be so glad to reclaim some counter space in my kitchen when this is done!

    1. Thanks! So nice to hear from you again, Robin! I can’t wait to see the beadboard and the shelves and the white paint and the yellow paint, etc.!! I’m going to save some money on a microwave cart because we can use something we already have. I love when I can do that!

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