One Room Challenge – Week 3

Any setbacks or happy accidents?  I think those were the questions for this week.  I really don’t think I’ve made enough progress to have any setbacks!!  I don’t know if this was an accident or not.  I discovered I do have room for a table on each side of the bed in the guest room without banging into the one near the door with the door!  I put the three-leg table with the cloth and cover (whatever!) in the corner since it seemed flimsier than the wicker stand.  Since I don’t have matching nightstands, I’m wondering if matching lamps would look weird.  (My parlor probably looks weird because I have matching end tables with unmatched lamps!)  I was thinking of buying one lamp, but now I might need to buy two.  I have some extra lamps that don’t work, but they seem too big and I don’t know how to repair them.  I guess there are light kits.  I’m not much of a fix-it person and my husband doesn’t like to work with electricity.  That means I have a good reason (or excuse!) to buy new lamps.


Here are some pictures:



I didn’t post any pictures last week so I was shocked when my profile shot showed up when I linked to week 2 of the ORC!  I wasn’t expecting that.  I’m not photogenic so I’ll try to keep that from happening again!



One Room Challenge – Week 2

What progress have I made? Does dusting count?! I had someone clean my house and she dusted the guest room! We put a quilt on the bed and folded the comforter and put that at the end of the bed. I’m afraid that’s all. I don’t think I even said anything about my plan last week – except that I wanted my husband to hang pictures. I do need to move stuff out of the guest room – a lot of stuff! I have way too many chairs in there! I think I’ll move the sewing machine out. I thought guests could use that as a desk, but there’s really not enough room in there with the sewing machine. I would like to buy a lamp for beside the bed. The one I have right now really looks pitiful!

This post doesn’t have any pictures – SORRY. I have company and I didn’t get a picture before they came. She’s an old friend so maybe she’ll overlook the mess. I had the flu and I’m still feeling really tired. Maybe I can make up for being so do-less next week.


I thought about just posting one of the pictures I did last week and wondered if anyone would notice, but I didn’t!





One Room Challenge

I thought I’d try the one room challenge.  I took some before pictures.  My project is the guest room.  I don’t think the room looks very inviting.  This room is like a storage room at this point.  I can’t believe I still have a mini-blind in the window after almost seven years!  I hate mini-blinds.  We have hickory flooring to put down in this room, but I don’t think that’s going to happen any time soon.  I’ll be happy if I can get my husband to hang some pictures.  (He was working on building a laundry closet upstairs so he might want to finish that first.  Maybe not, though.  He seems to like juggling projects.  I don’t really know why.  Maybe he gets bored before he gets finished!)






Another bookcase and some Victorian furniture in the library

Here is my poor, sagging, lopsided cheap bookcase! Why did I put all hardbacks in here?  A replacement is coming soon.


Here are some pictures of my Victorian furniture:CIMG0167



Maybe one of these years I’ll finally get the hang of photo-editing.  I need to consult with my tech support guy – my 12-year-old son!

My (Irish) Victorian Library

I think I’ll tell you about my library which is upstairs.  I have sometimes called it the landing room or the junk room.  It’s finally looking like an actual room since I had an Amish friend help me work on it.  This room will have an Irish theme.  The walls are green (imagine that!) and the furniture is mostly Victorian.  The library is my Victorian room.  Since my husband is 6’7″, Victorian furniture doesn’t really suit him too well.  Since he isn’t a bookworm either, I guess it doesn’t matter!

This room had old grasscloth (“faux” or real?  I don’t know!) wallpaper with dark and peeling seams.  That’s all gone now and so is the ugly old beige carpet.  My husband painted the walls and put a beautiful hardwood floor in here.  Here is a picture of my (Irish) Victorian library:


I’m just joking!  This old picture had a caption:  “The housekeeper was sacked last week.”  I wish I had a housekeeper!  Here are some real pictures of my library:

Here is the library table without any books on it!      Screenshot_2016-03-16-17-42-08


Here is the lovely light fixture from the 70s (ugh!) that I’m going to replace with the Victorian old-timey fan light in the stairwell:        CIMG0164

Here is one bookcase with books!       CIMG0163

Now I just want to curl up with a good book and a cup of Earl Grey tea.

From the big city to a country town

I live in a Queen Anne Victorian house with my husband, son, and beagle in a very small town in rural Pennsylvania.  We live in Amish country, but it’s not touristy here.  I just love seeing all the horses in and around town.  We lived in Philadelphia before moving here almost seven years ago.  What a change!  It was like going back in time, which was a good feeling for an old-fashioned girl like me.