ORC – Week 5 – A Reorganized Kitchen

I missed week 4 so this should include two weeks of work, but I haven’t done much at all!  I’m such a last-minute person.  I can’t even remember why I didn’t post anything last week.  I’ve been so busy and so scatter-brained lately.  The camera charger is missing again and I now have a laptop without a camera.  I’ve never taken pictures with a cellphone.  I don’t even have a cellphone.  I’m technologically resistant.  I’m surprised I even have a blog.

I finally bought some organizers!  I got a rack for pots and pans lids.  I also got two containers to put in my big bottom drawer to the left of the sink cabinet.  Stuff just gets thrown in there and I have to root through there to find anything.  So this should help.  I also bought a little candle at Dollar General.  I really don’t know how this will help me get organized, but I liked this little candle!

I got my organizing stuff at Walmart.

the original cabinet

I need to start working on organizing this old cabinet.  I want to put my Fiesta ware and Pfaltzgraff dishes (these are pastel colors) in here AND my teapot collection.  The curtains are hiding a bunch of cookbooks and some dishes and other stuff that’s pretty disorganized.  I want to get this (re)organized so everything will look really nice without the lace panels!

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one room challenge guest participant