Pantry ORC – Fall 2016 – Week 6

Well!  What can I say??  I missed last week.  I kept thinking I’d get a little more done, but I don’t think I did!  Then I had to go to the ER last Sunday night, and on the way I ran into a deer!  My car was still drivable so we got to the ER without any delay.  My son has been sick for almost all of the last two weeks, but seems to be getting better now.  He needed a breathing treatment and they did a chest x-ray and checked to see if he had the flu.  So he didn’t have pneumonia or the flu – just bronchitis.  Now he has a nebulizer.

EXCUSES!  EXCUSES!  I think this pantry project was just a little too ambitious for me (and my husband!) to do in real time.  I’ll know better next time!  Thanks again to Linda for all her hard work at calling it home.

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So this is still a work in progress!  Here are some pictures:

We were ready to paint, but then my husband found out we needed to wait 72 hours! I didn’t read the fine print – always a mistake! The 72 hours weren’t going to be up in time because he had to go and get more beadboard twice since we didn’t have enough. You can tell we really thought this through!
This is where the toilet was. I didn’t clean the floor because we’re going to be tearing out this vinyl and putting in tile.
My husband put the beadboard up on the walls to make sure everything fit and then took everything down so we could get started painting. I guess we’ll be doing that this week. I hope no one else gets sick and I hope I don’t have any more encounters with deer! I hope you’ll check back next weekend to see how much progress we’ve made. Thanks.


Pantry ORC – Fall 2016 – Week 4


I wonder if I’ve made any progress.  I have made some decisions if that counts!  I decided to use a huge shelf that was hanging in the kitchen for the microwave.  My original plan was to use a metal shelf, but I couldn’t find the right size.  My husband took down the shelf.  I think he really likes my idea to put it in the pantry because he hated that shelf!

The shelf was here on the wall. I think the wallpaper actually faded because of the shelf, but we’re getting rid of that anyhow.
Here’s our sub-zero refrigerator (circa 1991). The pantry door is to the left.
Here's another picture of the pantry door. This door bugs me a little because of the colonial style. I just don't think this looks good in a Victorian house.
Here’s another picture of the pantry door. This door bugs me a little because of the colonial style. I just don’t think this looks good in a Victorian house.
This is the wall to the left. My husband took off the trim and the baseboard.
This is the wall to the left (in the pantry).   My husband took off the trim and the baseboard.
THis is the old vinyl floor we're going to tear out of here. I can't wait!
This is the old vinyl floor we’re going to tear out of here. I can’t wait!

I hope we can get a lot done this Saturday.  We’re both off so that should help!!

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Pantry ORC – Fall 2016 – Week 3

We talked about what kind of primer to use on the beadboard, but we didn’t buy any yet.  I haven’t done much of anything except take some pictures, and some of them didn’t even turn out.

I’m going to keep this light in the pantry (and add a lightbulb!) because I really like it. I saw a light just like this in someone else’s kitchen!
I’m going to use this cubby hole for storage. I wonder why this wood doesn’t match the trim in the rest of the room!  That’s really odd.
We will be putting a new floor in the pantry. My husband put a new floor in the kitchen with much larger matching tile. We’re just both wondering when he’s going to add the grout! (I’ve said enough about that already, though!)

Here are some jars I got for the pantry. I still need to decide what to put in them!
More jars. These are from Italy, but the freezer jam isn’t! The Amish made the strawberry jam.

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One Room Challenge – Fall 2016 – Week 1

I’ve decided to change a half bath into a pantry!  We have a powder room off the kitchen under some stairs.  I want to use the space for a pantry.  We have another bathroom on the first floor with a shower.  I asked the appraiser about this when we refinanced, and she said since we have three other bathrooms, getting rid of one would not decrease the value of our home.  Besides, who wants to clean four toilets?  That’s what I say!  Here are a few before photos of the half bath.  I’ll take some more for Week 2.