The Front Parlor

After a long hiatus I hadn’t planned, I’ve decided to do another blog post! The summer really flew by.  August was really busy.  I really got tired of the old wallpaper in our parlor quite a while back and tore the old stuff off the walls.  Unfortunately, the backing stayed put!  I thought I would cover up the seams with some temporary wallpaper border, so I got some and started to put that up.  I didn’t get very far with that project.  I decided the border was too expensive when I discovered I didn’t have enough, so I bought some ribbon and thumb tacks.  I never put any ribbon up.  My husband didn’t seem too impressed with the whole idea.  So we had to look at the ugly seams for a long time, but at least the old, blah herringbone wallpaper was gone!

Just lately, my husband decided to steam off the wallpaper backing.  After stripping off grasscloth upstairs in the library, he was dreading this job, but surprisingly everything went well.  This time the stuff came off quite easily and also quite quickly.  The parlor is smaller and there are two doors, six windows, and two doorways!  Here are some pictures:

You can see a little bit of the wallpaper border behind the lamp.



img_4801I couldn’t find any pictures of the parlor with the old wallpaper, but the same stuff is in our vestibule, which is currently a storage (really a junk!) closet.  When I get that cleaned out, I’ll post a picture.img_4802

We’re trying to pick out some paint.  We want terracotta.  We got several swatches at the Benjamin Moore dealer and think we’ll try pumpkin patch.

One Room Challenge – Week 6

Here I am!                                                                                                     Late again!  I’m glad we have some extra time to do our posts and links.

I put a book I already had under the lamp on the wicker stand so the other lamp on the table wouldn’t be so much higher.  I got the candle and the little glass vase at Ross Stores.  The flowers are from a tree you can see right outside the guest room window.

We got the dresser at a flea market some time ago.  I like the painted flowers on the top drawer and the ribbon trim on each side.  The flowering branch in the pink vase on the dresser is from the same tree outside the window.  (I didn’t climb out the window to get the branch!  I acted like a lady!  I went downstairs and out on the porch.)  The framed photo is one I took when we were in the Colorado Rockies for the first time in 2012.  The flower in the purple bowl is from another tree in our back yard.  The crystal pitcher was my grandmother’s.  The floral branch is from another tree in our back yard.  (If anyone knows the names of these trees, please let me know.  I’ll take pictures of the trees for a future post.)

I found the tea set at an estate sale.  There are more cups and matching dishes.  There was a note that said the dishes were sent from Sweden by the lady’s niece.  What was so very interesting was the name at the top of the note.  Mor Mor (and then my maiden name which is Swedish and will remain anonymous!) means grandmother in Swedish, I think.  Then there is another name after that on the next line – Esther Clara Victoria.  Then a last name that isn’t Swedish on the next line!  Esther was probably Swedish because they usually had three names.  I thought that meant they had two middle names, but I think someone told me they are two first names and a middle name(?)  I thought the Swedish tea set should go in the Swedish (guest) suite!  The room doesn’t really look very Swedish to me.  I think at some point we will paint the walls a softer (Swedish) green.  The yellow door and trim is a Swedish color.  (The other room in the suite looks more Swedish.)  The white chair beside the dresser is a Swedish (style) chair made in China!

My mom got the large picture of the girl at an estate sale.  I think the colors in the picture look nice with the quilt.  I think I got the quilt at Penney’s.  I probably got the comforter at Bon-Ton.  The round table with the long pink cloth and the short white cloth was from my mom.  The wicker stand was from some of our friends in New Jersey.  We used to see them quite a bit when we lived in Philadelphia.  I think I maybe got the mirror over the bed from T. J. Maxx.  I got the dark aqua pillows at Ross Stores and the light aqua pillow shams at Walmart.  Almost everything else came from an estate sale (or a yard sale).  If you have any questions, please ask.  My husband was very helpful last night.  He really did a lot of work on the guest room.  I painted the door, but he painted the trim yesterday.  Last night we went to Lowe’s to get a white faux wood blind.  I wanted one without faux grain!  Home Depot didn’t have one.  The mini-blind still needs to be ripped out so we (or he!) can hang the new blind.  We’re not totally finished, but close.  Thanks to everyone for their comments and suggestions.  I’ve really enjoyed looking at and reading about the other participants’ progress and seeing their beautiful finished rooms.  Thanks to Linda for hosting the exciting, fun, and interesting ORC of Spring 2016!