ORC – Week 1 – A (Re!)organized Kitchen

I have decided to (re)organize my kitchen.  I really want to make better use of my space so I can clear off my countertops.  I want to re-decorate my hearth and brick wall.  I also want to take the lace curtains off the doors of the original (1889) built-in cabinet and get my husband to help me with the inside.  There is contact paper stuck on the shelves and there are gaps in the back of the cabinet.

Here are some before pictures of the inside of my cabinets.  These are supposed to be bad, right?!!  That way the after pictures look even better!!

Whoops!!  The brick wall and hearth, and the built-in cabinet are first in the line-up!

I like roosters and strawberries and RED!
My husband is the one who loves coffee. I don’t even like the stuff! His mother-in-law got him the sign.
More roosters and more strawberries!
the original cabinet
top shelf of pots and pans cabinet
bottom shelf of pots and pans (or lids!) cabinet
The microwave cabinet has a shelf below for the microwave that is no longer there! The old microwave broke and the new microwave was too big.
the glass cabinet
The spices and teas cabinet looks blurry. I probably did, too! I was a little tired.

You’ve probably already seen the other ORC participants’ projects, but if you haven’t, here’s the link:  www.callingithome.com/






ORC- Fall 2016 – Week 2

I actually have some “during” pictures.  I started to peel off the wallpaper in the half bath.  The top half came off pretty easily.  My husband had to use the steamer on the bottom half.  Before he got too far, he asked me what I was going to do with the walls.  Then I remembered I wanted to put up beadboard.  I had forgotten all about that!  So he decided we didn’t need to take off the wallpaper.  I thought maybe taking off the wallpaper was the right thing to do, but he doesn’t think this is necessary.  Nothing seems moldy so I guess that’s okay.  I want wooden shelves and brackets.  The beadboard will be painted white and the shelves and brackets will be painted yellow.

I wish I had room for another sink, but I don’t.  I want to put the microwave in the pantry where the sink is.  I need more counter space in the kitchen.  Before and during pictures are supposed to be bad, right?!  These are absolutely terrible.  (I really need to find my camera charger!)

Thanks to Linda for hosting the ORC.  You can see the other participants’ ORC projects by using this link:


I never did like this sink. Too modern! This pedestal sink is also the cheapest one there is.
I never did like this sink. Too modern! This pedestal sink is also the cheapest one there is.